3 Things Your Business Can Learn From Neuroscience

Today's businesses can learn a lot from neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner, Eric Kandel. His text, The Age of Insight, analyzes the intersections...

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Points, Badges, and Leaderboards: Playing the 'Game' of Market Research

Online community badges are an interesting engagement tool.

Even when these badges do not have monetary value attached, members are keenly interested...

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Employee Engagement with LinkedIn: A Win-Win

This year, CNBC published an article warning readers that using social media at work could get them fired. They reported that “28% of employers have...

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Internships - Who Really Benefits?

For undergraduate students, internships are a necessary course of action for gaining experience as well as having something to put on your resume....

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Is Social Media Relevant to B2B Companies?

Many of us follow a consumer brand on some form of social media. Maybe we want to learn more about their products or services, or maybe we just want...

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Can a 1-Star Customer Review Really Impact Sales?

It seems like you truly can buy almost anything online in today's market place. From the usual clothes and electronics, to the more peculiar items...

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at&t and me

Not surprisingly, people really care about their mobile phones and service.  The mobile phone is such an integral part of our life that when benefits...

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Apple Gets it Right with an Apology, But How About the Decision to Launch?

Apple's new CEO Tim Cook did an excellent job with his public apology, as described in the Fast Company artcile.  However, I believe there is room to...

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Are Your Employees Costing You Business

We all know the value that companies assign to keeping customers happy.  My experience has shown that most companies will bend over backwards to keep a...

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Will Your Business Go the Way of the Printed Encyclopedia?

Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that this year would be the last year of their printed encyclopedias.  I have to admit when I heard the news I felt...

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