Girl Scout Cookies

Probably not the best idea to write a blog post under the influence of cold medicine for a nasty head cold.  Maybe I will have added creativity.  Here...

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Oops We Didn't Realize You Were Our Customer

A recent study by Parks Associates asked 2,000 consumers ages 18 and older about their buying habits within the consumer tech space.  Some people may...

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Justice Usually Prevails in a Community Environment

Brands are sometimes a little nervous watching tough discussions play out in an online community environment, even when it is private.  Every now and... Read more >

Listening regularly to the bad and the good

In some large organizations, marketers and executives don't interact with consumers unless a specific complaint or issue  happens to rise up through...

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Beyond the Faster Horse

Will listening to consumers contribute to exceptional new products?  Most executives and marketing professionals would answer yes.  However, a few...

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