Are Your Employees Costing You Business

We all know the value that companies assign to keeping customers happy.  My experience has shown that most companies will bend over backwards to keep a customer happy...even when the customer is wrong.  Companies spend countless amounts of money on customer support teams, loyalty programs, swapping products, etc.  They train their employees to handle customer interactions very carefully.  All trying to avoid bad WOM or poor ratings.

But there is a gaping hole that is hardly ever measured or addressed.  How do your employees treat others that they interact with in the business word.  Could be other business professionals or service industry workers while on travel.  Without naming names, several former colleagues joke about a General Manager that just loved to yell at cab drivers and pretty much anyone that worked in a hotel.   In his case, his position made it hard to call him on the carpet. Looking back, letting it go was a mistake.  And don't forget about rude interaction and the sloppy way that some interact with other professional that are prospecting, etc.

End of day, anyone you interact with could be a customer and the way you treat them could cost your company business.  Just something to think about.

We would love to hear any stories you have to share.


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