My-Take Co-Founder Discusses Incentive Management & Rybbon Integration

The following represents a Q&A with My-Take’s Co-Founder, Todd Hoskins. In this interview, we will discuss incentive management in addition to My-Take’s new integration with Rybbon and their reward management capabilities.  

How do incentives work in communities?

Todd: Although it is not necessary for members to be compensated for every action in communities, it’s important that their contributions are recognized. In communities, members can earn points by completing research activities. Points can drive high community engagement by engaging and rewarding members who participate frequently. Point systems can help encourage members to continue participating and earn more points. 

Some communities offer members the option to redeem their points for digital rewards and incentives. Other communities offer members the opportunity to participate in leaderboards and earn badges based on their accumulation of points. The key to success with incentives in communities is that the rewards need to align with what your target audience wants or needs, and you need to provide real value.

Does My-Take do it differently?

Todd: The My-Take platform offers an integrated rewards catalog where member reward options are chosen and managed. Clients have the choice of using integrations from the leaders in digital rewards or using their own custom catalog. Custom Rewards could be used to offer a free service, a coupon for a product, convert activity points into a customer loyalty program, etc.

We recommend using an integration if you want quick and easy rewards through an extensive catalog of e-gift cards, or recommend a custom catalog if you already operate a storefront/customer rewards program and want to reward members through those channels.

I understand you are working with a new incentive partner, can you share more details?

Todd: Definitely! We recently integrated Rybbon’s reward catalog into our platform’s incentive and reward settings. Rybbon is a digital rewards management platform, and its cutting-edge Rewards Gallery is directly embedded within the My-Take platform. This integration creates a seamless shopping-cart experience when community members want to redeem their points for desirable digital rewards.  

This integration will provide My-Take clients with many benefits, including streamlined automated rewards distribution and management as well as international reward options in over 160 countries.

When will this integration be available?

Todd: The integration is already complete and currently available to existing and prospective clients.

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