Employee Engagement with LinkedIn: A Win-Win

This year, CNBC published an article warning readers that using social media at work could get them fired. They reported that “28% of employers have fired someone for using the Internet for non-work related activity.” This statistic doesn’t come as a surprise when you hear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation estimates employees spend an hour on social media each day while they’re at work.

So with all that being said, can encouraging your employees to use social media benefit your company? Forbes contributor William Arruda explains why employee engagement on LinkedIn can lead to a more successful company page.

First, the more your employees interact with your company page, the more visibility your LinkedIn profile gets. Whether it’s listing your company as their employer, commenting on posts, or simply liking an update, employees are getting your company name in front of the eyes of their connections.

Second, although many employers are worried about losing their talent, by showcasing your employees, you are strengthening your brand. It shows clients that highly skilled people are not only working for your company, but are also so proud to work for you that they are willing to post about it.

Finally, employees will benefit from their engagement, too. Employees will feel more connected to the company and their coworkers. LinkedIn also provides a public platform to endorse skills and give recommendations, improving employee morale.

While I’m not suggesting you allow employees to spend an hour a day on social media, maybe it’s a good idea to encourage them to use their LinkedIn. You and your employees could reap the benefits.


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