Generation Z Consumers Still Prefer Brick & Mortar

Although eCommerce has transformed the purchasing process with conveniences such as speedy delivery, Gen Z shoppers still prefer the brick and mortar shopping experience. In the age of digital transformation, many expect that online storefronts will replace traditional brick and mortar. However the data indicates that assumption is greatly overstated. In fact,81% of Gen Z still prefers to shop in stores.  Another key statistic to note, 73% of them like to discover new products in stores.

Why Gen Z Consumers Prefer Brick & Mortar

While both Millennials and Gen Zers grew up surrounded by different forms of technology, it isn’t safe to simply assume these cohorts are spending the majority of their income at online retailers. Especially Gen Z, who shop more in-store than Millennials. In some instances, online stores act as a digital showroom, while physical stores are a main point of purchase for them, 47% of United States Gen Z consumers like to research items on their mobile devices while shopping and purchasing at brick-and-mortar.

Although eCommerce has radically altered the buying process, many Gen Zers are still choosing to shop in stores for a variety of reasons. In our report on Gen Z “Catching the Z’s” the data showed that 53% of Gen Z chooses to shop in-store for specifically the see, feel, and try-on experience when making a purchase.

Brick and mortar stores have opportunity to further strengthen their appeal by connecting with the new generation where they spend the most time, on their devices.  This can be accomplished by utilizing digital marketing strategies. Some examples include: encouraging consumers to share their in-store purchases on social media, sending an email update with coupons to drive in-store purchases, having a user-friendly website, and more.

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Posted by Kait Hanerfeld