How Do Market Research Online Communities Generate Actionable Insights?

As the marketplace becomes faster paced and consumers become more and more informed,
market researchers need to find ways to make insights readily available and easily digestible to
decision makers to help companies hit the mark with today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. In this
blog post, we discuss 3 ways that companies can utilize market research online communities to
gather actionable insights and win in the marketplace

3 Ways MROCs Generate Actionable Insights

1. Real-Time Results & Immediate Feedback

Access to real-time results and immediate customer feedback can be invaluable when making daily decisions. Through live reporting and dashboards, stakeholders can view results as they happen. These can also be used as a means to see a quick overview of the results of a study and conduct additional analysis immediately. These tools allow organizations to be informed quicker and stay in the know with their consumers.

Communities also allow for immediate feedback through continuous access to members. In a community environment there is no need to source your sample elsewhere or use a mailing list and hope for the best results! Whether you are in the midst of the product development cycle and are trying to test ideas and gather feedback on why a product is or isn’t resonating with consumers or are getting ready to launch a marketing campaign, market research online communities (MROCs) are the ideal environment for staying current with the ever-changing marketplace.

2. See & Hear Customers

Online focus groups and individual interviews enable researchers to hear and see customers directly. Integrated reporting tools also allow researchers to produce and share highlight reels of videos submitted by participants during online video focus groups or in depth interview. These can be used to showcase direct consumer insights to stakeholders.

3. Visualized Storytelling

Deciphering research findings, numbers, and trends can be difficult to digest without visualization. Infographics can be a very impactful way of showcasing insights visually. These can be utilized to highlight key takeaways and data points of note. This can allow researchers to communicate results of study in an easy-to-understand format.

All in all, market research online communities help organizations understand their customers and generate insights needed to drive daily decision-making. To learn more about how an insight community can help keep you on track, contact the My-Take team.

Posted by Kait Hanerfeld

Kait is a Marketing Specialist at My-Take with half a decade of industry experience. Her specialties include content creation, growth hacking, and social media marketing.