How to Market to Gen Z: A Quick Guide

Generation Z, the generation that grew up with it all -- technologically speaking -- consists of anyone born between the years of 1996 and 2010. Gen Zers are the customers and soon-to-be leaders. Understanding how to market to this generation is crucial for almost any company, if not now, then certainly in the future. Here are four helpful tactics that will allow your company to connect with Gen Z:

Marketing to Generation Z 

  1. Up Your Media Game

    According to an article posted by Forbes, the average attention span for Gen Z is 8 seconds. Gen Z’s ability to bounce back and forth between screens is much quicker than Millennials. When marketing towards Gen Z, it's important to engage the consumer. Simply, you must up your media game and by media game - we mean videos and infographics. Videos and infographics serve as a fast-paced mechanism for processing information. Gen Z does not want to be marketed towards, moreover they want to feel like a part of something greater. Generation Z seeks authentic content that is personalized, relatable, and organic. This does not mean that your company needs to share everything that is going on within your organization, but it does mean that communications and interactions should be authentic. Testimonials from actual people, reviews from actual people, pictures, and videos are helpful. These items also add to the credibility of your company. According to article posted by CNBC, "a buzzword with Generation Z is 'authenticity' with 67 percent of those surveyed agreeing that 'being true to their values and beliefs makes a person cool."

  2. Micro-influencer Marketing

    Another way to connect on a deeper level with Gen Z is to utilize influencers. As Gen Z craves authenticity, influencers serve as "relatable" people. As mentioned in the same CNBC article, "someone like Selena Gomez has a team of people polishing her image" whereas online personalities are likely to be more candid. Supporting YouTube influencers and average consumers of your product or service will make your brand seem more personal to Generation Z. They want the person marketing to them to be more like their next-door neighbor than a high-class celebrity.

  3. Optimize Your Mobile Website Experience

    The last tip for marketing to Generation Z is to make sure that your website is optimized to work on mobile devices. According to a survey by IBM, 75 percent of Generation Z selected their mobile phone as their device that is most used. Further, the majority of Gen Z use their phone to make online purchases. Simplifying your website, including making it easier to access essential content, will make the experience for Generation Z much more efficient.

Generation Z is the next generation to create impact for businesses. It's important to note these four marketing tactics when considering how to market to this generation. Uploading interactive videos or infographics, sharing authentic content, utilizing influencers, and optimizing your mobile experience are excellent ways to connect on a deeper level with Gen Z. 

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Posted by Rebecca Dubovsky