How do UX, CX, and Market Research Work Together?

CX and UX both play integral parts in your company’s reputation, but many don’t know how the two differ. By taking a closer look into what they are, their relationship to each other, and how to best measure and improve on them, your company can better serve your market than your competitors.

UX and CX: Their Roles in Market Research

What are CX, UX, and the relationship between them?

Customer experience (CX) is the overall relationship that a customer has with your company. CX in action can look like a brick and mortar sale, a sales consultation, or even customer support.Whereas user experience (UX) focuses on the user’s perceptions and feelings towards your product or service. A customer feeling angry while using a company’s website due to the server crashing or their belief that a juice company is healthy are all parts of UX. While it may not seem like it, these two are interrelated as almost every aspect of UX goes back into CX.

In other words, the way that your company’s products and services are perceived by your customers factor back into their overall relationship with the company. If they have negative interactions, feelings, or perceptions, it will hurt your CX, an important aspect of customer retention and recommendation to others

What is market research and how does it play a role in improving CX?

At its core, market research is the continuous process of gathering information on your target market to better understand what are their wants and needs.This sort of research is extremely useful in making smart decisions about CX as it allows your company to gain insights into how customers feel about your product, their overall behaviors (which encompasses user research), and perceptions of your own brand

More than ever, these insights are important as life, and therefore customers, continue to change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Market research is also a great fit for life right now as the field is becoming more and more technology-driven, allowing for research to be done remotely with many different demographics all at once.

How can an insight community accomplish improving all three?

An insight community can help you improve both your UX and CX by allowing you to continuously collect data on your target market, which is extremely important in a constantly changing world.They also allow you to research how your target market behaves with your product in addition to its features. My-Take can guide you through the process of creating an insight community that meets all your UX, CX, and market research needsClick here for a free consultation.

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