In-Home Testing Growing

Increasingly our clients are utilizing the 'Home Activity' or 'Home Use Test' component of our online insight communities.  The value of attaining the in-home feedback is clear to companies.   Some clients and researchers claim in-home research is the most important research tool.  However, the vast majority of companies simply don't have an on-going mechanism to gather in-home feedback concerning their products. Some of the benefits that can be derived from in-home research or testing include the following:

  • Test pre-production products with real consumers
  • Early feedback on important new product launches
  • Help predict consumer acceptance of new products
  • Evaluate products relative to the competition
  • Evaluate the value of specific product features
  • Part of continual improvement in quality
  • Catalyst for new product ideas
  • Develop or fine-tune marketing, positioning,  and packaging
  • Understand how consumers use and talk about the product

The regular use of 'in-home testing' will deliver powerful insight that will strengthen companies' products and brands in the marketplace.

Todd Hoskins

Partnered with Rich Armstrong to form My-Take in 2010 to focus on creating a more integrated and immediate platform and service to help organizations succeed in the marketplace through more customer informed decision making.


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