Internships - Who Really Benefits?

For undergraduate students, internships are a necessary course of action for gaining experience as well as having something to put on your resume. Interns gain a lot of experience, skills, and exposure to the business world through internships. Internships are in very high demand for business students and are a big step in networking for future plans. Now, what about for businesses? Do interns have any benefit on businesses in general?

According to Forbes, there are five exclusive reasons as to why interns are great for businesses. To sum it up, interns provide new, fresh ideas as well as having more experience with the social world. Interns, particularly young adults, have a young mind filled with ideas and ambition, and partake in a social society filled with social media, entertainment, and various other aspects that are not very familiar to older employees. This can be extremely beneficial when keeping up to date with our innovative world.  Another great reason for businesses to recruit a team of interns is to get some extra hands on a specific goal. The best way to gain from interns as well as giving them some experience is by setting specific and timely goals/projects. This allows for things to get done as well as having a new set of eyes on a project.

Statistically, it has been proven through various studies that internships are necessary and extremely beneficial. Huffington Post contains an article with very interesting statistics on this. “Those who reported completing one internship during their time at Southwestern University were 13 percent more likely to find full-time employment over those that did not.” This demand for businesses to hire temporary interns continues to grow as results indicate faster employment after graduating. The article also states that those who have had multiple internships are proven to be happier with their outcome. This is due to employers creating timely goals and allowing students to experiment in the field.

Overall, interns are very popular and high in demand for businesses. This experience allows students and businesses to benefit from each other as well as creating a relationship between different generations. 


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