Interview: Market Research Intern, Alexis Almy


The following represents a Q & A with My-Take’s Intern Analyst, Alexis Almy. Alexis is a rising junior at Wesleyan University majoring in Psychology with minors in Computer Science and Data Analytics. In this Q & A we will discuss with Alexis her experience interning at My-Take.

Summer Intern Insights

Q: What sparked your interest in interning at My-Take?

A: I was most interested in this internship because it was a good opportunity to gain experience in marketing and market research. There were not many classes at Wesleyan that focused on these areas and I wanted to explore them. I also liked that My-Take had a smaller intern pool so I could learn and contribute more.


Q:How did COVID-19 impact your internship? Did you have any initial thoughts going in?

A: Going in I was very nervous about it being fully online and learning everything through video and email, but it was definitely something that moved smoothly. While I have no past internships to compare it to, the communication worked really well. I always felt I could communicate with someone and find answers.


Q: What are your 3 biggest takeaways from interning at My-Take?

A: Relationships and Connections with Team Members

I have gotten close with my teammates and team leads which has been great. They have been very approachable and I get the sense I could reach out in the future beyond this internship.

New Skills

I have had the opportunity to develop new skills in market research and marketing in general. It has been valuable to understand how everything works through first hand experience.  

Career Direction

This experience has given me more confidence in my career direction and has brought clarity that this is something I could want to do in the future. Market research was always something I was interested in, but not something I had gotten to try until now.


Q:What was the best piece of advice you got while working here?

A: There was a big emphasis on collaboration and culture at My-Take. So the advice of being able to reach out and ask for help really rang true. It has been great culture to be a part of and something I will be looking for in future companies.


Q:What have you found most rewarding from your internship at My-Take?

A: It has been great to work with the other 3 interns on a project exploring the effects of COVID-19 and BLM on purchasing habits. This project has been the most worthwhile for me. We were also able to use new tools such as the new video chat feature to interview individuals which was really rewarding.


Q: Are there any skills or lessons you’ve learned that could be applicable outside of online insight communities?

A: I have definitely learned a lot about the importance of good communication. A lot of emphasis is put on making sure community members and clients are happy and engaged. So I have developed a lot of skills in keeping people both happy and engaged. Additionally, the value of keeping clients front of mind by making sure companies are getting everything they want out of the service.


Q:What has been unique about working at My-Take?

A: The culture at My-Take has been a great thing to be a part of and it has been interesting seeing exactly the elements that contribute to this culture. I have been able to build relationships with teammates and have never felt awkward asking for help or advice. Everyone works hard to keep each other engaged and get to know each other. This is shown through day to day interactions and through fun little things like the weekly Spotify playlists and lunch break battles.


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