Interview: Market Research Intern, Brendan Rocco

market research intern brendan rocco

The following represents a Q & A with My-Take’s Intern Analyst, Brendan Rocco. Brendan is a rising junior at Providence College exploring a Marketing or Finance major.  In this Q & A we will discuss with him his experience interning at My-Take.

A Summer of Market Research

Q: What sparked your interest in interning at My-Take?

A: My interest was really sparked when I was interviewing for My-Take and researching the company. Market Research Online Communities were new to me and My-Take was a unique organization with innovative features on the front end of market research. Additionally, from speaking with the team during the interview process it was clear that this was a high energy supportive environment which spoke to what I wanted in a future job.

Q: How did Covid-19 impact your internship? Did you have any initial thoughts going in?

A: A lot of large and small businesses summer intern programs were canceled. I would say 90% of my friends' internships were unfortunately canceled, so I didn't expect My-Take to continue their program. But I remember Todd mentioning that when My-Take makes a commitment to something they follow through. It showed they really cared about all of their employees, even interns.

In terms of how it affected the internship I have had no problems adjusting to the changes brought by Covid-19. My team lead has also been super available with no hesitation to jump on a call and teach when needed.

Q: What are your 3 biggest takeaways from interning at My-Take?

A: Thought Leadership

Through market research I have learned the importance of businesses such as My-Take establishing themselves as thought leaders by providing valuable insights. This also applies to establishing yourself as a professional and wanting others to perceive you as a thought leader and innovator. 

Focus on Client Goals

I have been encouraged to deliver insights that not only help organizations flourish, but also stay true to their objectives. This, along with doing other little things that go one step above what was asked, are what separate My-Take in terms of service leadership.

Understand the Why

A team lead also took us through the importance of justifying and validating our decisions. Not only looking at customers’ answers, but also understanding why they are saying what they are saying. This leads to more actionable insight that not only presents what is found, but what the responses actually mean. 

Q: What was the best piece of advice you got while working here?

A: The first and best piece of advice I received was to not be afraid to ask questions. My colleagues have shown that they want me to fully understand the platform, and will stop what they are doing to hop on a call and explain anything I have questions about. They have also been very upfront on making sure we feel involved by showing what our work means for the bigger picture.

Q: What have you found most rewarding from your internship at My-Take?

A: The interns have been working on a project exploring the effects of Covid-19 on consumer purchasing. Together with the help of other colleagues we have been taught how to use a wide range of tools on the platform ourselves and think critically about the implications of Covid-19. It has been great to dive into the MROC platform and will be really satisfying to get a deliverable post-summer. 

Q: Are there any skills or lessons you’ve learned that could be applicable outside of market research online insight communities?

A: I’ve learned it's okay to not know the answer all the time, but it is important to know where to find information for eventual answers. This internship has trained my brain to think about the best steps I can take when I don’t know the answers.

Q: What has been unique about working at My-Take?

A: The people. I felt even during the interview process that the people here truly care about their work while creating a fun and supportive workplace environment. Additionally, employees seem to care about everyone's opinions and have been open to my thoughts on new features and improvements.

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