Interview: My-Take Co-Founder on GRIT Innovative Supplier List

The following represents a Q & A interview with  My-Take Co-Founder, Todd Hoskins, in response to My-Take being named one of GreenBook's 50 Most Innovative Suppliers in market research.

What is the GreenBook GRIT Top 50 Innovative Suppliers List?

Hoskins: GreenBook is one of, if not the most significant resource in the market research space. GreenBook's directory and reports serve as both a first stop for companies looking for a research provider and also do a great job covering the industry with experts like Lenny Murphy.  The 50 Most Innovative Suppliers List is one in which suppliers want to appear and companies take stock.

So what was your overall reaction to My-Take debuting on the GRIT Top 50 list?

Hoskins: Well we were extremely proud to make the list, especially when we found out that we debuted as number 24 on the overall list, and number 8 in the technology category. It also felt good to see our continual advances in our community platform being acknowledged by the larger industry. We’ve built our company on providing leading technology and providing remarkable service. We've been fortunate to enjoy exceptional growth with this philosophy. Even though we’ve received extremely positive feedback from our customers, it’s very rewarding to be acknowledged within the industry.

What makes My-Take's online community software platform innovative?

Hoskins: I believe some of those on the list appear through specializing in a very narrow niche and bringing something completely new to the industry. In our case, we are extremely focused on online communities but we've delivered a multitude of new capabilities on an ongoing basis.  Some of the important capabilities we've added over time include: cloud hosting, scaling the platform to handle 200K+ members, advanced security and encryption, advanced segmenting and filtering, built-in statistical analysis, multi-language, and banner tables.  More recent innovations include our integrated infographic tool and our VoC video chat tool which allows for online focus groups and personal consumer interviews.  Probably the innovation we are most proud of is our TextCoderAI text analytics platform. This innovation greatly accelerates the speed of coding open-ended questions while delivering research level accuracy. These capabilities strengthen the core functions of an insight community and expand clients ideas of what kind of projects can be executed through the platform.

What is the source of My-Take's innovation in market research online communities?

Hoskins: We have a great culture that is all about continual improvement and listening to our customers.  And since a good part of our business is full service we have feedback continually flowing back to the development team.  Our development team is outstanding and extremely efficient.  We’ve worked hard to create an environment devoid of bureaucracy in which we can quickly agree on a direction and move toward implementation.

What’s next for My-Take?

Hoskins: We never really stop working on making the platform better.  You can look for us to continue to leverage focus on AI development, visual impact, video, and mobile.  You can also expect more remarkable service from our team whether it is training and support for our SaaS customers or full service insight delivery. 

Posted by Kait Hanerfeld

Kait is a Marketing Specialist at My-Take with half a decade of industry experience. Her specialties include content creation, growth hacking, and social media marketing.