Keeping Pace - How MROCs Deliver Actionable Insights

MROCs deliver insights fast

Not only has the marketplace become more fast paced due to constantly enhanced technologies and more informed consumers, but companies’ key decision makers have taken on additional responsibilities, leaving them with less time to review countless pages of research when making crucial, time-sensitive decisions. Market researchers must bridge this gap and find ways to make insights readily available and easily digestible to help companies hit the mark with today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

How Market Research Online Communities Deliver Actionable Insights:

Immediate Access and Feedback

Allowing access to real-time results and providing immediate feedback is essential. Having the ability to view responses to various activity types and questions as they are collected via live reports, dashboards, etc., gives clients the tools to be informed quicker and keep up to speed with their consumers. Market research online communities (MROCs) create a great environment for keeping up with the ever-changing marketplace.


Expecting clients to fluently decipher numerous pages of research findings, numbers, and trends is a thing of the past, or at least it should be. It’s time-consuming and cannot possibly deliver the ‘big picture’ clearly or concisely. Actionable insights can be better communicated utilizing a storytelling-like method, such as scaling back on the volume of statistical evidence at the forefront of a deliverable and instead focusing on the quality of insight and ‘big picture’. In this way, the story clearly emerges and can be communicated in a way that allows for faster analysis, understanding, and, ultimately, decision-making.

Overall, the marketplace won’t be slowing down any time soon. Market researchers and companies alike must equip themselves with the tools to keep pace. To learn more about how an insight community can help keep you on track, contact the My-Take team.


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