Guide: What Drives Success in an Insight Community?

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Optimizing user-experience (UX) and customer-experience (CX) are no longer optionable in 2019, they are musts to stay relevant and at the top-of consumer’s minds. Online communities are an extremely agile method of market research compared to traditional methods, and with the right tools paired alongside they enable organizations to make faster, data-driven, consumer-centric decisions. By utilizing online communities you can enable and encourage your organization to adopt a customer-first perspective and become market leaders. In this post we will discuss the 5 elements that drive online community success.

What are the factors for success in a market research online community?

The factors for reaching peak levels of success in your online insight community are:

  1. Understanding the value:

    Fully grasping the vast capabilities behind the fast and flexible research methods is part of the process. Communities are a newer type of research, and understanding that there is value in that as well as traditional means is ultimately imperative. There are many beneficial key elements behind running a community as well.
  2. Making sure there is content:

    Having regular activities to keep community members engaged is an essential element towards a community’s success levels. Building an editorial community calendar can be a helpful method for keeping track of content flow.
  3. Thinking through community management:

    Knowing what you want to get out of your community, and tailoring your number and targeting of members and activities to ensure that you meet your goals.
  4. Leveraging your community provider:

    Understanding the partnership between you and your provider. Make sure you select a provider that is a partner that values your success as much as you do. Your provider can be the difference between community success and failure, so depending on them is a key factor for success. For example, your provider should be able to adjust to the speed of your organization’s business processes.
  5. Respecting community members:

    Closing the loop by explaining to members how their feedback is helpful is part of the journey to community success. When members get to see the results of their feedback, for example, seeing a product they home-use-tested finally on shelves, or receiving a small gift card, they feel very thankful to have been part of the process. Letting members know that their opinions are valued and make a difference can have a positive impact on the community overall.

How does My-Take ensure success in an online insight community?

A kick-off meeting is one of the first steps taken to ensure success. This meeting allows organizations to become familiar with the in’s and out’s of a typical My-Take community as well as learn valuable information on the provider and share this knowledge with key stakeholders. Frequent communication between your provider and you will help align goals.

The dedicated teams here at My-Take help ensure success no matter the account, SaaS, Hybrid, or Full-Service. Our team will learn your business grow with you, and be there to answer any questions along the way. Having a set team that you can rely on will streamline operations division-wide.

Our innovative and agile processes are focused on continuous improvement platform wide. Our flexible service options are also built to meet any organization's needs. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization through customer informed decision making.

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