MROC's Secret Weapon: The Moderator

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Discussion boards are a great way to receive feedback as well as promote conversation between participants about a specific topic or issue. Offering discussion boards in online qual provides the ability to foster and generate insights from such communication – if done correctly.

How to Moderate a Market Research Online Community:

In order to keep track of the conversations that go on in discussion boards, communities should be assigned a moderator. They are able to probe questions at particular respondents, and control the forum through opening and closing conversation. The moderator does not just run discussion boards, but builds a community to produce even stronger results unlike any other customer feedback tool.

Real Time Conversation

Insight communities are known for providing immediate feedback to clients through live updates within the platform. Moderators are able to take such participation to the next level by further promoting discussion. If a new finding arises from one discussion post, a moderator can either ask respondents to expand upon their thoughts or transform that comment into its own thread. Through agile market research techniques such as this, discussions not only stay up-to-date but contain relevant findings deliberated by the respondents themselves. This gives the brand a wider range of insight and findings that other research techniques may not uncover.

Participation Encouragement

As humans, we desire attention and self-assurance. The moderator helps to fulfill these goals by providing a humanistic side behind the platform. By responding to posts and granting points and badges through a gamification system, the moderator offers positive feedback and recognition for good contributions. For brands, encouragement offered to the respondents increases the likelihood that they can continue to study the respondent in future activities. The happier and more satisfied a community member is, the more likely they will stay active.

A Face to the Name

Through moderator profiles, respondents are able to put a face to a name. Profiles include a picture of the moderator as well as a short description of themselves. Such personalization creates a new level of connection and relatability between the respondent and moderator. When respondents are able to read and see the voice behind a study, they feel as though their opinions are being heard and valued.

Overall, the moderators make agile research possible by offering researchers an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of consumers while creating personal connections among respondents. Contact the My-Take team, to learn more about discussion boards and their influence on your brand.

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