My-Take Goes to Quirk's Event

The My-Take team was excited to attend this year’s Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn, New York. We sat down with Rich Armstrong, one half of the founding members of My-Take, LLC, to find out more about why My-Take attended this year as well as what he believes were some takeaways from the event.

With this being My-Take’s first Quirk’s Event, was there an explicit or implicit theme for this event?

Armstrong: For My-Take, it was all about networking.  We had two main goals for the show: introduce our company and capability to clients and make partner connections. We were successful on both fronts, and we look forward to continuing to work with clients and partners that we met at the show.

What are some of the more interesting things you saw at the event?

Armstrong: I would say the two items that caught my eye were the use of AI [Artificial Intelligence] in qualitative analysis and the automation tools for analyzing photos and video content. While some believe that tasks like these can be fully automated, replacing the human, I see these tools as working alongside a researcher. We are still in the early days in AI, and this area is one that we keep our eye on.  As a company, we want to be providing leading solutions to our clients.

What were the key elements of My-Take that you wanted to get across to companies?

Armstrong: For some at the show, this was their first contact with My-Take. We wanted to convey that we have not only a best in class platform but also a professional services team to manage projects and deliver actionable insight.

At the same time, each client has unique needs and one of our core business qualities is flexibility. An important aspect is listening to potential clients to understand what is not working for them today, so we can suggest ways of tackling those challenges. 

Were there specific aspects of the My-Take offering that you felt particularly resonated with brands?

Armstrong: On a platform level, the real-time reporting engine, our new mobile missions app for ethnography, and out of home studies generated a lot of conversation. In today’s business world, speed is a competitive advantage; being able to integrate VOC [Voice of the Customer] into that process allows our clients to make better decisions faster. Being able to capture end consumer feedback, including photos, video, and voice, and integrate that seamlessly into the community reporting engine allows our client to get a better feel for the viewpoint of the consumer.

From a business relationship standpoint, being flexible to work anywhere in the range from a licensing model to a fully managed environment showcased an aspect of our flexibility. Being able to support all aspects of running a community, including recruiting, moderation, analysis, reporting and incentive fulfillment, helps clients meeting us for the first time understand that we are a full solution provider.

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