Press Release: My-Take Launches Concept Curator & Database for Insight Communities

Westborough, MA, USA –May 16th, 2023 – My-Take LLC, a greater Boston-based insight community technology and analysis company, has just launched a new analysis & reporting feature to the platform, Concept Curator & Database. This new release allows clients to track, compare, and filter through all of their product concepts in a central reporting repository.

“Concept evaluation is one of the top uses for market research insight communities, as many companies view new products and services as the lifeblood of business growth. This capability has been highly requested and offers tremendous value by adding an additional layer of context to their concept evaluations.” – Todd Hoskins, My-Take Co-founder

Features include:

      In-report summary table: integrated matrix maps key data for easy comparison

      Concept database: repository to compare historical concepts

      Mapping: key metrics for each concept map to the historical database

      Smart filtering: concept database can be sorted by key metrics

      Concept card: click into any concept in the database for key information

“Concept testing is essential for reviewing the potential of ideas and products before launch. It helps brands identify which concepts should move forward, as well as how to improve existing ideas so that they achieve maximum impact. The My-Take Concept Curator and Database is the perfect tool for brands looking to easily compare concepts over time and across categories.” -  Rich Armstrong, My-Take Co-founder

My-Take’s Concept Curator & Database is available to clients at every service level. Contact us to learn more and demo the platform.

About My-Take: My-Take is a greater Boston based consumer insight technology and analytics company that offers an advanced market research insight community (MROC) platform and a team of professional researchers to deliver actionable insights for clients.

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