My-Take Launches Conversations: Chat-Based Surveys for Insight Communities

Westborough, MA, USA –February 2024 – My-Take LLC, a Greater Boston-based insight community technology and analysis company, has just launched a new mobile-first research activity type to its platform called Conversations. This new release allows clients to create chat-based surveys in their insight communities and comes fully integrated with multiple AI capabilities to enhance member engagement and help yield even richer insight.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of Conversations to our insight community platform. Chat-based surveys not only enhance the survey experience for members but also allow for more authentic and in-depth feedback by meeting them where they already are spending time, on mobile. This allows our clients to foster an environment for members that feels familiar and mimics how they already communicate day-to-day with their family and friends.

This release for mobile has been highly anticipated by clients, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-powered, innovative tools that allow them to go further with their market research.” - Todd Hoskins, Co-founder

Advanced AI Features of Conversations:

AI Auto Moderation: Auto moderator automatically probes members that submit a low-quality long text response via a follow-up question.

AI Dynamic Text Question: AI-generated question type that uses an objective and/or previous responses to engage members with a personalized question.

AI Response Feedback: AI-generated question response/feedback that displays to members after they answer a question, to help foster conversational interactions.

Applications of Conversations:

Some common applications for Conversations include capturing the attention of harder to engage demographics such as Gen Z, conducting studies with on-the-go professionals (B2B research studies), location-based research such as retail or live events, and serving as an alternative to continual long-form surveys.

Conversations are available to clients at every service level. Contact us to learn more and demo the platform.

About My-Take: My-Take is a Greater Boston-based customer research technology company that offers an advanced insight community platform and a team of professional researchers to deliver actionable insights for our clients.

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