New Platform Feature: Community Layout Design Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce our new customizable layout design feature that is available for use in My-Take communities starting today! In this Q&A interview with our co-founder, Todd Hoskins, we will be discussing the key takeaways on the background behind this feature, its core benefits to the end-user, and how it functions overall.

What prompted its creation?

Hoskins: Two factors drove the creation. First, widescreen is a pleasing experience for the user. With the rise in HD content, the aspect ratio of advanced monitors with higher resolution began to change from 4:3 to 16:9. Additionally, the wider format is a more immersive experience. One that probably resonates due to theatre and home movie experiences. Second, some of our clients have expressed interest in greater customization in the layout and design of their communities. UX is of great importance to many of our clients so they may be seeking to match an existing experience across multiple applications, or simply trying to optimize the brand experience for their customers.

When will this feature be available to everyone?

Hoskins: The enhanced feature layout capability has just been released and is available to existing and prospective clients.

Are there any specific features or benefits of note?

Hoskins: The widescreen look will certainly add a lot of visual impact on the community designs. Also, companies will have the option to change over 15 variables to drive the design that best fits their community functionality and brand goals. For example, a client may choose a format that highlights a featured activity relative to the others.

What can you tell us about using this new capability? How easy is it for the user to create the community?

Hoskins: We like to think we take the drama out of the community launch by making the layout and other set up functions as easy as possible. While there are a lot of options, we've also made the interface very intuitive, including a lot of drag and drop functionalities. Also, whether the client is full service or SaaS, we have responsible team members who guide the process, if not execute it entirely.

Also for existing clients, we offer the ability to easily adapt their current design to a wide format without any changes if so desired.

What future updates can we expect?

Hoskins: At My-Take we have the mindset of continual improvement, so we will always have great new features rolling out. Specifically for the Layout Design enhancements, I would say that as more custom layouts are built we will begin to see which particular layouts are more effective and/or preferred. So we will be able to share that with the clients as they make design decisions for their communities.

Posted by Kait Hanerfeld