How To Ensure a Successful Market Research Online Community Launch

Launching an online insight community is an exciting time for any organization! Follow our guide below to ensure your launch is a success. 

What is the...

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What Drives Success in a Market Research Online Community

Optimizing user-experience (UX) and customer-experience (CX) are no longer optionable in 2019, they are musts to stay relevant and at the top-of...

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In-Home-Use-Testing 101

An in-home-use-test (IHUT) consists of a company testing its product/services in a consumer’s environment, such as in his or her car, office, or...

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New Platform Feature: Community Layout Design Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce our new customizable layout design feature that is available for use in My-Take communities starting today! In this Q&A...

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What is on the Horizon for Market Research

Market research is advancing at a steady rate and will continue to do so in the coming years. Insights gained through MR efforts spark innovation and...

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How Common Are Online Communities?

In today’s dynamic business environment, obtaining quality feedback from key stakeholders is ultimately essential to making crucial strategic...

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What Is Coding In Market Research?

Open-ended questions are ubiquitous in qualitative research; they allow respondents to express their thoughts without the confines of scales and answer...

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Interview with My-Take Founders on New Text Analytics Technology – TextCoderAI

In this Q&A interview we discuss My-Take’s latest innovation TextCoderAI, with our founders, Todd Hoskins and Rich Armstrong. TextCoderAI is an...

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Insight Community: Should I Go with SaaS or Full Service?

With a 59% market penetration rate and another 21% of the market considering the method, insight communities are truly a mainstream type of research....

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The Basics of Concept Testing

You can find hundreds of statistics that support the fact that most products fail once they enter the marketplace. There are many factors that can...

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