Online Focus Groups: More and More Focus Groups Are Moving Online

Learn the benefits of transitioning your focus group from in-person to online!

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Gen Z Consumers Still Prefer Brick & Mortar

Although eCommerce has transformed the purchasing process with conveniences such as speedy delivery, Gen Z shoppers still prefer the brick and mortar...

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Interview: My-Take Co-Founder on Innovation in Community Platform

The following represents a Q & A with co-founder of My-Take, Todd Hoskins.  In this article, we discuss the insight online community space in terms of...

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Market Research Innovations: Market Research Online Communities

There is a tremendous amount of interesting work being done in the market research space.  Two examples include the work being done in AI and...

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Market Research Online Communities (MROC): 17 Different Use Cases

Market research online communities (MROC) can be utilized for a wide variety of different research initiatives. Adding them to your strategic plan can...

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PRESS RELEASE: Screen Engine/ASI Partners for Communities Offer

Century City, CA-based TV, film and video research firm Screen Engine/ASI (SE/ASI) has announced a strategic partnership with insight community company...

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How Many Market Research Online Communities Should Your Company Run?

Online insight communities are demonstrating clear success as shown by their market penetration. More than half of researchers sampled in GreenBook’s...

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In-Home-Use-Testing Best Practices

In this post, we will walk you through steps to take to successfully conduct an IHUT study, while utilizing your online community. These best practices...

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Market Research Online Communities: Enhancing Member Experience

Managing a community can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for any organization. Although it can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day...

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Guide: How to Launch a Market Research Online Community

Launching an online insight community is an exciting time for any organization! Follow our guide below to ensure your launch is a success. 

What is the...

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