Press Release - My-Take Adds Rybbon Integration to Rewards Catalog

PRESS RELEASE: My-Take Adds Rybbon Integration to Rewards Catalogue

My-Take LLC, a greater Boston-based research & insights technology company, has announced a new integration with Rybbon, a Blackhawk Network business and a leading provider of digital rewards. The integration will allow for greater automation and management of incentive distribution within My-Take insight communities and enable My-Take clients to access Rybbon’s vast catalog of rewards when distributing incentives to community members.

“Automating reward distribution and management through Rybbon’s platform can lead to increased response rates and strengthen communities,” said Jignesh Shah, Head of Global Integrated Incentives at Blackhawk Network. “Rybbon’s digital rewards platform enables our clients to offer a wider range of digital rewards and that can aid in incentivizing participation.”

“For over 10 years, My-Take has helped clients and brands connect with their customers through our advanced insight community platform and team of remarkable researchers,” said Todd Hoskins, Co-founder at My-Take. “Rybbon’s platform makes it easy for our clients to automate reward distribution, giving them access to new rewards including international options for over 160 countries. This gives clients the tools to recruit, retain, and encourage member participation, ultimately driving strong engagement within their communities.” 

The Rybbon for My-Take integration provides a solution allowing My-Take clients to easily add Rybbon incentives to activities. This integration is available now.

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About Rybbon

Rybbon, a Blackhawk Network Business, puts the power of rewards to work for marketers and market researchers through its extensive catalog of e-gifts from top brands. Rybbon works great for international rewards programs, with options such as prepaid rewards that work in 160+ countries. Rybbon integrates with leading platforms to make rewarding easy and automatic.

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About Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network delivers branded payment solutions through the prepaid products, technologies and network that connect brands and people. We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in branded payments to increase reach, loyalty and revenue. We reliably execute security-minded solutions worldwide. Join us as we shape the future of global branded payments.

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About My-Take

My-Take is a greater Boston-based consumer insight technology and analytics company that offers an advanced insight community platform and a team of professional researchers to deliver actionable insights for our clients.

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