PRESS RELEASE: My-Take Communities Offer Online UX Insights Feature with New Release

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“My-Take Experiences” Online UX Activity Adds a Powerful New Capability for Companies to Evaluate Their Customers Online Behavior and Opinions"

Westborough, MA, USA –March 9th, 2021 – My-Take LLC, a greater Boston based insight technology and analysis company, has just launched a new platform update, called My-Take Experiences: Online UX Tool, that will allow organizations to test and analyze desktop user experiences.

This innovative feature gives organizations the opportunity to see how users evaluate websites and applications, mock-shop, and navigate the purchase journey. The user experience is analyzed by following the participant along as they navigate through a series of online tasks. Experiences provide insights teams the data and customer feedback needed to enhance user experiences by recording participants’ desktops and prompting them with instructions and questions along the way.

“With this new launch, My-Take continues to add capabilities to our platform through technological innovation. Experiences will give organizations the ability to understand the purchase path that customers take when navigating a product or category, along with a variety of other use cases that can inform decision-makers with the insights needed to improve desktop UX and CX.” – Rich Armstrong, My-Take Co-founder

Some of the features included in Experiences are:

  • Screen and Audio Recording - Receive a screen recording video with audio of the user's desktop experience as well as a written transcription. Understand their navigation journey in detail through gained insights.
  • Time on Task - This reporting feature allows researchers to see how long a user spends on a given task with the “Time on Task” Chart.
  • Video Clip Editor – Create highlight reels using Screen Recording footage in the Video Clip Editor Suite.
  • Add Queries - Insert tasks with multiple optional qualitative and quantitative questions into an Experiences activity to engage and guide users.

The Experiences Online UX feature offers yet another capability for our customers in capturing the voice-of-the-customer. We will continue to innovate within this space to include qual and quant capabilities that help our customers make faster and better decisions through integrating customer insights.” - Todd Hoskins, My-Take Co-founder

My-Take is excited to offer this new release to all existing clients and also invites those interested in learning more about insight communities to demo their leading-edge platform and experience “Experiences”.

About My-Take: My-Take, one of GreenBook GRIT's 2020 Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers, is a greater Boston based consumer insight technology and analytics company that offers an advanced insight community platform and a team of professional researchers to deliver actionable insights for our clients.

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