The Election: All About Branding

The Election: All About Branding

Whatever you think about this year's election, there is one thing that is undoubtly true: it's all about branding.  We have seen countless advertisements by these individuals' supporters, watched numerous debates, and listened to countless speeches. Presidential campaigns in the United States are unique. Candidates have years to craft their message, campaign and gain voter support. Fundraising is another piece that sets the US campaigns apart. It's not surprisingly that branding is important.

To make my point, let's focus on three candidate from this year's election: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and  Hillary Clinton.

  • Feelin' the Bern. Not only does Bernie Sanders have a catchy tagline, he has a brand. When you hear his name, it evokes thoughts and emotions. Things like Vermont, socialist views, and the working class are a few that come to mind. Bernie Sanders collected strong support from followers and even though he is no longer in that race, many stand behind him.

  • Make America Great Again. Yet again, a great tagline and a man with a brand. Donald Trump is already known for his businesses, money, and acting. He started the campaign as an underdog and an outsider but his message resonated with many Americans. He has strong views but they all fall within his brand and while it isn't for everyone, you cannot argue that it is not authentic. His brand is all about being a non-politician so he says what he wants and acts with emotion. This is certainly a new approach for American politics.  

  • I'm With Her. Hillary is the first woman to run for this office. While Hillary being the first nominee is historic, her brand follows a more traditional approach. Hillary focuses on discussing the issues typical for a presidential candidate, including education, taxes, women's issues, etc.

Regardless of your political views, branding during elections are important. This is an important decision and candidates need to evoke an emotional response from voters. They need to gain trust and voice their views. Sticking to brand guidelines keep your message consistent and build your credibility.

Rebecca Strott
Director, Insights

Rebecca is an experienced Insights Director with a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry. She is skilled in Market Research, Management, Marketing, Survey Design, and Customer Insight. 


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