Understanding Market Research Panels and Insight Communities

For many years the terms panel and online insight community have long been confused. My-Take has offered online insight communities to organizations...

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17 Uses for Market Research Online Communities (MROC)

Market research online communities (MROC) can be utilized for a wide variety of different research initiatives. Adding them to your strategic plan can...

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Guide: What Drives Success in an Insight Community?

Optimizing user-experience (UX) and customer-experience (CX) are no longer optionable in 2019, they are musts to stay relevant and at the top-of...

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What is on the Horizon for Market Research

Market research is advancing at a steady rate and will continue to do so in the coming years. Insights gained through MR efforts spark innovation and...

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The Basics of Concept Testing

You can find hundreds of statistics that support the fact that most products fail once they enter the marketplace. There are many factors that can...

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3 Things Your Business Can Learn From Neuroscience

Today's businesses can learn a lot from neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner, Eric Kandel. His text, The Age of Insight, analyzes the intersections...

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Points, Badges, and Leaderboards: Playing the 'Game' of Market Research

Online community badges are an interesting engagement tool.

Even when these badges do not have monetary value attached, members are keenly interested...

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Employee Engagement with LinkedIn: A Win-Win

This year, CNBC published an article warning readers that using social media at work could get them fired. They reported that “28% of employers have...

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Internships - Who Really Benefits?

For undergraduate students, internships are a necessary course of action for gaining experience as well as having something to put on your resume....

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Is Social Media Relevant to B2B Companies?

Is Social Media Relevant in B2B?

Many of us follow a consumer brand on some form of social media. Maybe we want to learn more about their products or...

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