Can a 1-Star Customer Review Really Impact Sales?

It seems like you truly can buy almost anything online in today's market place. From the usual clothes and electronics, to the more peculiar items...

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at&t and me

Not surprisingly, people really care about their mobile phones and service.  The mobile phone is such an integral part of our life that when benefits...

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Apple Gets it Right with an Apology, But How About the Decision to Launch?

Apple's new CEO Tim Cook did an excellent job with his public apology, as described in the Fast Company artcile.  However, I believe there is room to...

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Are Your Employees Costing You Business

We all know the value that companies assign to keeping customers happy.  My experience has shown that most companies will bend over backwards to keep a...

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Will Your Business Go the Way of the Printed Encyclopedia?

Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that this year would be the last year of their printed encyclopedias.  I have to admit when I heard the news I felt...

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Girl Scout Cookies

Probably not the best idea to write a blog post under the influence of cold medicine for a nasty head cold.  Maybe I will have added creativity.  Here...

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Oops We Didn't Realize You Were Our Customer

A recent study by Parks Associates asked 2,000 consumers ages 18 and older about their buying habits within the consumer tech space.  Some people may...

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Justice Usually Prevails in a Community Environment

Brands are sometimes a little nervous watching tough discussions play out in an online community environment, even when it is private.  Every now and... Read more >

Listening regularly to the bad and the good

In some large organizations, marketers and executives don't interact with consumers unless a specific complaint or issue  happens to rise up through...

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Beyond the Faster Horse

Will listening to consumers contribute to exceptional new products?  Most executives and marketing professionals would answer yes.  However, a few...

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