6 Ways MROCs Enhance and Measure Customer Experience

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According to Gartner, 89% of marketers expect customer experience (CX) to be their primary differentiator in 2017. Many companies’ CX programs however, are not built to succeed. Gartner’s customer experience expert, Augie Ray warns that a company’s CX program may be unsuccessful without a “voice of the customer or customer feedback program.” Without voice of customer, or VoC research capabilities, brands miss out on opportunities to improve customer experience in “meaningful, valuable and measurable ways” according to Ray.

How Market Research Online Communities Enhance CX

This is where MROCs (market research online communities) can help. Successfully capturing VoC is essential for improving overall customer experience. The list below outlines how an insight community is the most effective way to capture today’s VoC, and thus improve overall customer experience.

Agile Market Research

Market research online communities are adaptable and flexible. Agile market research allows brands to swiftly launch, discontinue, or modify research activities. With MROCs, a brand’s community can be tailored to accommodate any specific need. Various agile research techniques allow businesses to capture and elevate their CX.

Test and Perfect

A distinguishing factor of insight communities is the ability to continuously launch research activities geared towards a specific goal. For example, MROCs may utilize an in-home use test (iHUT), which places products and services into the homes of consumers. Researchers can develop specific practices and techniques overtime as they become familiar with the community.

Results in Real Time

Unlike traditional research methods, a market research online community delivers insights in a matter of days, rather than months. A live report feature allows businesses to consider data in real time as the research activity is completed. This agile market research approach allows brands to explore, understand, and respond to their consumers' data faster and more accurately.

Quality Insights

Good market research online communities are filled with passionate, dedicated, and thoughtful consumer-respondents. The respondent’s willingness and desire to share their thoughts and opinions along with the incentivized encouragement of a gamified system consistently yields data from consumers that care about the brand and research study.

Real Voices

An insight community presents consumer's responses as more than data points. Advanced logic, respondent verbatim, and careful community moderation deliver brands precise and authentic feedback about how their consumers are interacting wth their products and services. 

Mobile Technology

Innovative MROCs have the ability to capture the responses of community members where they are spending their time – on their phone. Mobile ethnography techniques allow brands to research consumers in an intimate, yet unobtrusive manner. Unique research methods such as location check-in, emoji response, and audio and video upload allow brands to capture, gauge, and further enhance their CX with clear VoC feedback.

The powerful benefits provided by market research online communities deliver valuable VoC data and can help any brand improve their CX. Insight communities provide brands with actionable results that allow them to understand exactly how and why consumers are interacting with their products and services. Consistent use of MROCs allow brands to measure, compare, and analyze their CX goals.

Is your brand a part of the 89% expecting customer experience to be their primary differentiator? Exceed your CX and VoC goals with an insight community. Contact the My-Take team to learn how these features, among others can help your brand.


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