Interview: My-Take Co-Founder Discusses New UX Testing Tool

The following represents a Q & A with My-Take’s Co-Founder, Todd Hoskins. In this interview, we will discuss My-Take’s latest innovation, Experiences: Online UX Tool.

What is My-Take Experiences?

Hoskins: Experiences is a new capability that we have added to the My-Take insight community platform. It is an Online UX tool that allows organizations to understand their customers’ reactions and opinions to digital assets such as websites and programs.

What prompted the launch?

Hoskins: We have always aggressively listened to our customers’ needs and have evaluated what new technology we can bring to the table. UX (User Experience) is an area our customers have shown great interest in, and of course we execute UX-based projects routinely. However, this feature broadens that reach greatly. With digital channels being a larger priority than ever, our clients can ensure they are fully understanding their customers’ online experiences and opinions.

What sort of projects can Experiences be used for?

Hoskins: It can be used for anything that is online and in a desktop environment.

  • Evaluation of websites - Understanding navigation, pain-points, and more.
  • Purchase journey - This has been radically transformed since COVID, making it even more important for organizations to understand their customer path toward purchase.
  • Mock shopping - Learn how customers shop in a simulated online store environment.
  • A/B testing - Compare and test different concepts to see which performs better.
  • And overall UX design - Find ways to improve designs and user experiences.

What capabilities does the tool have?

Hoskins: The tool has advanced capabilities:

  • Screen and Audio Recording - This allows organizations to watch and listen to the customer interact with the desktop experience.
  • User Guide and Survey Tool - This is used to gain specific feedback on aspects of the experience as the customer navigates.
  • Rapid Transcription - This gives a complete transcript of the customer’s experience.
  • Video Clip Editor - This can be used to produce a video summary or highlight reel of the results.

How does Experiences connect to the overall insight community platform?

Hoskins: Like all of our features, this is a part of our integrated platform, and these add-ons carry no additional cost for our clients. When licensing the My-Take platform, updates like these are automatically rolled in and integrated, as we strive to offer our clients continual platform innovation and improvement.

When will this new activity type be available?

Hoskins: We have just launched this with our current customers and have been successfully running maiden voyages of the feature with great results! So, it is available now.

If you would like a platform demo or would like to learn more about My-Take’s Experiences: Online UX Tool, contact us today!

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