My-Take Attends the 2018 Quirk's Event

The My-Take team was excited to attend the 2018 Quirk's Event in Brooklyn, NY for the second consecutive year. We met with My-Take co-founder, Todd Hoskins to discuss the key takeaways from this year's event. 

With this being My-Take's second year attending the Quirk's Event, what was the main objective or theme for the event? 

Hoskins: From our perspective we were looking to increase the awareness of the My-Take brand among prospective clients. We’ve enjoyed exceptional growth based on expansion within client organizations and through referrals. However, events like these offer an opportunity to broaden our reach. Our approach was very similar to the prior year in terms of making new connections and demonstrating the power of our insight community platform.

Greenbook's latest GRIT report cites that 60% if companies have insight communities and another 22% are considering them. Did you notice this high demand for insight communities at the event?  

Hoskins: Insight Communities have become less of an emerging category, and more of a must have for organizations. There were also at least a couple of the education sessions that were focused on communities. The conversation has truly changed from ‘should we deploy an insight community’ to ‘which community provider will offer us with the most capabilities and support’.

Why do you believe that the demand for insight communities is growing so rapidly? What do you think is the most attractive part about insight communities for companies?  

Hoskins: At the most fundamental level an insight community integrates customer research into everyday decision making. There is an obvious advantage in the cost per engagement compared to traditional research, but I believe the speed and flexibility are the components that really get researchers and organizations excited.  Further, in response to clients needs and opportunities, insight community providers have continued to raise the bar in terms of research capabilities. What was once a very formulaic one size fits all approach has changed to larger communities serving various customer segments with many different research methodologies being deployed. 

What particular aspects of My-Take's offering did you find that companies were most interested in and excited about? 

Hoskins: Since we have built our company largely on referrals, we find that a lot of prospective clients are surprised at the capability of our platform.  This particularly holds true when we are able to provide a live demonstration.  The areas that seemed to get prospective clients most excited were:

  • Powerful segmenting and grouping capabilities - both in the activity served and analysis on the back end
  • Automation - allows the basics of reporting to be generated by the system, so Analysts can focus on finding and delivering deeper insights
  • Mobile capability - with a responsive design and a complementary native app for mobile missions
  • Infographic tool - an easy to use integrated tool set to create infographics for communicating to a broader audience
  • Topics - a qualitative mode within the platform to deep dive with customers on a key topic.
  • Video chat - allows online video interviews, with tools on the back end for easy analysis 

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