My-Take Launches Infographic Tool for Insight Communities


My-Take Clients Now Have Access to Built-In Infographic Application for Communicating Select Insights to Their Stakeholders

Westborough, MA, USA –November 21, 2017 – My-Take LLC, a greater Boston based insight technology and analysis company, today announced the launch of a powerful and efficient community tool that allows for the creation of compelling infographics to powerfully communicate key information to client stakeholders.

Since its inception, My-Take has been highly regarded for its advanced proprietary insight community platform and team of agile researchers. Its powerful platform offers a suite of tools to support almost any consumer feedback need. That feedback is then used by companies in a number of ways, including to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, to test new product or service concepts, or to evaluate marketing initiatives. Robust reporting has always been an integral part of My-Take’s offerings; the new infographic tool puts power into the hands of the researchers who can now create visual representations of the data to communicate to a broader audience at a higher level, and in a more powerful way.

Todd Hoskins, Co-founder of My-Take, says, “The early reaction from clients has been outstanding. Infographics are more likely to grab the attention of an audience, are easier to process, and are more likely to yield engagement. From a platform development point of view, it was important to us that we make the infographic tool as integrated, efficient, and easy to use as possible.”

The visual content of infographics works better than written text alone because the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than it does text[1]. My-Take’s infographic tool is integrated into each client community and includes templates, widgets, a library of pre-built content, and image upload capabilities. Researchers have the ability to insert and access specific report data for charts and to customize dimensions so the final infographic can be used and distributed in a variety of ways.

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My-Take is a greater Boston based insight technology and analysis company that helps companies make smarter decisions and market products and solutions more effectively based on feedback from insight communities. Their advanced proprietary platform allows you to leverage technology so consumer feedback and ideas can be integrated into daily decisions, big and small.

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My-Take is a greater Boston based insight and marketing technology company that helps companies make smarter decisions and market more effectively through powerful online communities and panels.

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