UX Testing in Insight Communities

As the marketplace grows to be more and more customer focused, organizations need to put resources towards enhancing both the customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) when it comes to their products and services. In this blog article, we will walk you through the different ways you can test user experience with customers/community members.

What is Usability Testing? 

Usability testing allows organizations/brands to test their products or designs and assess them for ease of use and user-friendliness with their customers. Usability testing can unlock a wide range of insights when it comes to improving experiences. There are many different use cases for usability testing within a community platform that can provide many benefits.

Usability Testing Insight Community Use Cases:

Website/Desktop App Evaluation

Website and application evaluation are both popular reasons why many organizations choose to conduct usability testing. Developing a deep understanding of the way a site works and learning how customers interact with the different elements and functions involved as they make their way through their online journey can help uncover ways to improve their experience. 

These insights can then be used to enhance web-based designs and user-centricity. Some examples of things to evaluate on websites to improve experience can include:

  • Measure how well a page is converting customers
  • Understand ease of learning for new customers
  • Analyze how well returning customers maintain memorability of the site
  • Identify bugs and areas of difficulty/poor usability 

Navigation/Purchase Process

Testing navigation can be used to see how different customers navigate through a website or application’s user interface when given a certain task or a set goal to accomplish. A common reason to conduct navigation testing is to see how customers interact with a new design compared to older versions. 

Other reasons could include:

  • Analyze customers’ paths to purchase
  • Learn how easy it is for customers to find/search for a given website as well as how they use any on-site search functions
  • Look at how customers explore and discover different areas of a site. 

Mock Shopping

Simulate a mock shopping experience with customers. Learn what their preferences and opinions are when it comes to shopping online. Mock shopping involves showing a mock-digital storefront to customers and having them guide through their shopping process. 

Mock-shopping can unlock rich insights as to:

  • How customers make their way through a digital store/ecommerce environment
  • Why they make certain purchase choices
  • Uncover pain points they may experience along the way.   

How The My-Take Platform Incorporates UX Testing 

My-Take Experiences: Online UX Tool, allows organizations to test and analyze desktop user experiences with community members by recording their screen and having them narrate through their process as they navigate through a series of online tasks in addition to prompting them with instructions and questions along the way.This first-hand qualitative look at a customers’ user experience can provide researchers and teams with the feedback and insight needed to enhance online user experiences.

To learn more about the My-Take platform and Experiences contact us today.

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